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This is the current album Burning Bridges - we are really proud of it.  Here are a few reviews from the music press

‘Catfish can only consolidate their place at the very top of the Blues-Rock scene with this impressive album’ Blues in Britain Magazine, May 2019

‘… this is so much more than just a blues album: you have blues, rock, gospel and all sorts of other influences that go into making this album a must have in your collection. Prepare to have your face melted by some of these tracks, pure class.’ Will Carter, Two Finger Media

‘The strong buzz that has been going around about this new album and proclaiming Catfish as one of the hottest bands of the decade aren’t wrong: the writing, playing and sheer balls-out power of this band is remarkable…The monumental ‘Exile’ has the massive intensity of Metallica at their best – slow, passionate and with an air of danger, it is worthy of closing the album and I should think it will be a stage killer for years to come…It is such a joy to hear a relatively new band who are as talented and as convincing as Catfish.’ Andy Snipper,

‘I was astounded by the depth of styles. The production. The building and thunderous crescendos. Not since Zeppelin II. Have I been enraptured immediately by a release. Parts reminded me of Alan Parsons, early Sabbath amongst others. Only reminded, for this is a Tour de Force, the best band around, not Blues, not Rock . A unique blend of their own.’Gary Taylor, fan

‘With their 3rd studio album, these Catfish assure themselves of a place in the British rock firmament.’, Holland‘

This is another brilliant album by the band and I’m sure it wont be long before Burning Bridges will also be mentioned at the awards ceremonies.’ Dave Martin, Jace Media

‘Burning Bridges, another statement of serious intent from Catfish.’Nigel Foster, music blogger

'Nowadays it's hard to put out music and not be compared to at least one band or artist that's been before you, There's been so many. However, Catfish seemed to have done it. I can hear many influences on this new album, but they don't sound like anybody other than Catfish… if you want buy a 21st century classic album, I recommend this in Spades.' Barry Hopwood, Music Promoter

Burning Bridges album

  • Up In Smoke, Break Me Down, Ghosts, The Root of All Evil, Soulbreaker, Too Far to all, Archangel, The Big Picture, Under the Gun, One More Chance, Exile

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