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And so farewell to our new friend Tomas...

Just finished gig number 12 of our tour of the Czech Republic! Had a great time at the beautiful Kulturní Zarízení Mesta in Valašské Meziríčí.

However our evening is tinged with slight sadness as tonight was our final gig with the incredibly talented and super nice Tomas Hobzek. We were lucky enough to get anyone at such short notice to fill in for Kevin on this tour whilst he was out of action but to have this guy play with us was beyond luck. He nailed the songs from day 1, he was nice enough to drive us around this wonderful country, he translated for us, we ate, we drank, we laughed and he is just one of the nicest guys we’ve ever had the pleasure to meet let alone play with. But with it being so last minute he couldn’t quite do all the dates we have scheduled. So we wish Tomas the best of luck with his future endeavours, one of which is an incoming baby with his wonderful wife. Thank you so much for everything Tomas! You are incredible and we’ll miss you. Hopefully we’ll play together again in the future and we hope to keep in touch.

But fear not! For our final 2 gigs in this wonderful country we have the great Michael Nosek joining us on drums! Michael has been highly recommended to us and praised by both Tomas and Jiri so we are looking forward to meeting him and playing alongside him.

So... one more day off tomorrow and then it’s the final two gigs of the tour. The home stretch as it were. Let’s do this Czech Republic! 🤘🏻🇨🇿

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