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Sensational Sumperk...

Wow! What a fantastic time we had at Blues Alive Festival in Sumperk! So many people and we got to meet so many of you at the merch desk after the show where we broke the venues record for the amount of merch sold! We’ll take that thank you very much! 😃 It was such an honour and a privilege to play this amazing festival. Thank you so much to everyone who worked on it. Everyone was amazing.⁣ What was also a huge pleasure was Matt being asked by the legendary Kenny Neal to come up and jam with him and his incredible band along with Zach Day. What a jam that was! If we didn’t have another 12 gigs left to do, we would’ve gone all night. I felt overly British being onstage with everyone who was either from New Orleans or Mississippi with incredible accents... 😂 Thank you Kenny! Thank you Zach! Thank you to everyone! We love you Sumperk and we hope that we’ll come again 🤘🏻⁣ #tour #czechrepublic #sumperk #festival #music #livemusic #blues #rock #bluesrock #jamming #kennyneal #zachday @bluesmankennyneal @zachdayofficial Thanks to Tomas Turek for the still photo.

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